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Chaturbate – Charlotte1996 – New Sybian JOI orgasm and squirt squirt – PREMIUM VIDEO – HD
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So I just got a brand new Sybian, and now it’s your turn to watch my fucking intense orgasms and squirts while you stroke your cock and cum hard for your good girl. Starts with lots of dirty talk and JOI while I get myself situated and tell you how I plan to ride it. NOTE: there isn’t a single exaggerated spasm or moan in this video — seriously, you can see the redness spread across my chest and face as it gets more and more intense, rotating inside me and buzzing hard against my clit. It’s almost embarrassing how my eyes roll back in my head with one of the most intense orgasms of my life, and I tell you to cum with me when it happens. Afterwards I show you the buckets of squirt I made for you, and, of course, I lick it off. Hands-down the most intense orgasm I’ve ever captured on video.


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