Models: Lindseylove
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Chaturbate – Lindseylove – Anal Sex Guide – PREMIUM VIDEO – HD
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This was a custom video for sa00231056!! We deviated from the script – in the end he fills my ass up with cum and then fingers it out & rubs it in my mouth & on my face! I make sure to eat all of the anal creampie before ending the video~! The script: “Can you do a “How to Anal” video like you did with the blowjob video? I basically want the video from Michael’s POV where all he does is lay in bed and you do all the talking (teaching) and moving. You’ll walk up to the camera fully clothed and start talking about how you’re going to teach about having anal sex. You’ll take off your clothes, leaving just your panties on (can I decide which ones you wear?). Then you’ll talk about the prep that goes into it before taking his dick and inserting it in your ass in reverse cowgirl position. You’ll constantly be looking back and asking the viewer how it fells/looks to see their dick being in your butthole. You’ll then change position to cowgirl and bounce sensually on the dick again asking talking to the viewer. Then finally you’ll ask the viewer to fuck you in doggy style (this won’t be POV but rather 3rd person with your face close to camera). The cumshot is a facial, but you’ll lick it clean afterwards with your fingers. You’ll then ask the viewer how their first anal training felt and if they’re ready for another session.


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