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Chaturbate – Lindseylove – Hotel Balcony: Sex at the Beach – PREMIUM VIDEO – HD
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After going for a quick dip in the pool we snuck back into the hotel room where Michael’s mom was napping. We made our way to the balcony where I slipped my shorts off and started to tease him. There were people walking up and down beach, and we were in plain view. After pulling my shorts off I kneel down and start sucking his cock, right in front of unsuspecting beach goers. Then I bend over and let him fuck me in the patio chair. He’s completely naked and the only thing I have on is a my bikini top! After fucking me hard, pulling my hair, and spanking me a few times we both cum on the balcony. Then he pulls out and gets a close up on the delicious creampie. I squeeze it all out and rub my pussy with my hand. Then I lick off all of the creampie and play with myself some more as the camera fades away. After filming this we went back inside the hotel room to find that Michael’s mom had woken up and gone out the front door. If she had come over to the balcony we would’ve been caught!! Super lucky, as always!


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