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Chaturbate – Lindseylove – My Valentine’s Day Adventure – PREMIUM VIDEO – HD
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Hey guys! This is my new favorite video. We woke up today ready to film a video, and in the middle of winter we were blessed with a 70 degrees day! We dropped all of our previous plans and hurried to go hiking instead. We walked through the woods of a public park for over half an hour off trails until we found a very peaceful creek to set up by. I had brought a nice white blanket with us and laid it out on the ground beside the stream. It was so nice we almost didn’t film, but Michael pulled his dick out and got me in the mood. I tried talking a lot more in this clip, and it can be seen with my playful banter and occasional dirty words. I’m trying to ease my way into talking more, so this was a big step for me. I give Michael a BJ for several minutes and eventually we decide to have sex. I’m so turned on that his dick became covered in a thick white cream from me. Half way through he asks if he can try to put it my butt too. We switch to anal and while he’s fucking me in the ass (in missionary) I orgasm. Then he pulls out and I immediately start sucking his dick, right out of my ass. After another nice blowjob he sticks it back in my pussy and we fuck again. I don’t know how long it went on for, but by the end I was climaxing again, right at the same time he was. We both orgasmed, then I ate the creampie. It felt so nice getting to be alone with him in the park. The natural lighting, sounds of the creek, and the wind on my skin was enough to make me cum twice. I don’t know how he was able to hold off for over twenty minutes, but I’m so happy he did! Today really was an amazing Valentine’s Date.


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