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Chaturbate – PixiePixelized – 420 Assgasm HD – PREMIUM VIDEO – HD
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{Expect lots of close ups, ass to mouth, spit play (the only lube I use it spit), smoke fetish, dildo ass play, finger pussy and ass, and an intense anal orgasm.} I’ll smoke you out if you promise to cum with me… The video starts with me inhaling and exhaling some sweet maryjane. Watch smoke rings billow out my pursed lips as I tease and suck the mouthpiece of my bubbler as if it is your cock. After we both have a buzz going, I get naked and begin to sensually run my hands all over my body, gazing directly at you, begging you to feel me. I begin to finger my ass and pussy and it is so intense that moans can’t help but escape my lips. I edge until my craving to cum for you is far too much. I begin to fuck my ass with my crystal dildo and my moans intensify. The video ends with a beautiful anal orgasm as the buzz we procured from earlier still lingers on…


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