Models: Alex Coal
1920 x 1080
2.39 GB
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ManyVids – Alex Coal – Hansel Captured By The Witch and Fucked – PREMIUM VIDEO
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The evil witch fought and destroyed Hansels sister, Gretel. He hunts her down seeking vengeance, but is no match for the witch. She blows a magic dust in his face, rendering him defenseless and unaware. Instead of dispatching him like his sibling, the witch decides to have some fun with the muscular hero. Seeing a powerful hunter rendered helpless is such a turn on for the witch. She sucks his cock, touches and explores his body, then fucks him until she’s satisfied. Finally she sucks him until he comes in her mouth. Hansel starts to come to his senses so she disables him once more, deciding to keep him as her sex toy a while longer. Includes 69 cum in mouth, blowjob, male body worship, face riding, cowgirl riding, reverse cowgirl riding, (This was a custom video).


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