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ManyVids – Arabella_Fae – Modern Day Marilyn – Anal Fuck – PREMIUM VIDEO
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As with most of my videos there is NO MUSIC. I suggest something you imagine Marilyn Monroe would listen to ? In the very beginning and the very end there IS some singing overlayed so please don’t miss out on that! I sang it myself ? Originally this video was not going to be available, hence the price tag. It was meant to be a one day deal but I am so proud of it that I felt it deserved a chance to be seen by more people. She’s your girlfriend, she’s your slut, she’s a Marilyn Monroe impersonator and she wants EVERYONE to watch her ass get FUCKED. You come home early, excited to get started filming the porno you’ve told your girlfriend is going to make her a star! She is nervous at first but excited to try the new toy you brought home with you. You have her put the womanizer on her nipples first, teasing her, instructing her to show the camera her small perfect breasts and then to strip herself naked, heels and nylons still on. She plays with her new toy on her clit for you, fingering herself, dirty talking about how much of a fucking slut she is, how much she loves it. After some of this, she asks if she can please suck your amazing cock, her red lips wrapping around it, smearing lipstick all over your dick and the sides of her lips like the whore she is. When you’ve had enough, you instruct her to put your cock in her pussy and you fuck her. She rides you up and down, a beautiful POV of her round pale ass. So turned on by her ass, you tell her that she better put your cock in there instead. At first she jumps back, startled and uncertain that she wants to do THAT on film….but she is a submissive slut after all and she can’t wait for everyone to see just how far she will go to please whoever will fuck her. She fucks her ass with your hard cock, pushing it deeply inside of herself until you cum all over each other.


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