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ManyVids – AzureSkyFilms – Lexi Lore: Prof And Coeds 2-2 Final Exam – PREMIUM VIDEO
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Eric John, a Prof of Anthropology, is meeting with Prof Harry Grey, Dean of the department about a coed who is almost failing Eric’s class. Apparently Lexi Lore, the coed is just barely passing the course and needs to get her grades up to stay on the cheerleading squad. Normally Eric assigns Paul, a “TA” (teaching assistant), to help the girls get their grades up. However, the TA is busy elsewhere today. So instead, Paul sent Lexi to Harry’s house to meet with Eric and Harry. In Part 1, “Professor and Coeds 2-1 Extra Credit”, Lexi asks for extra credit from Prof John. In return she offers her talented lips and mouth to start and her wet warm cunt to follow. But when Prof Grey joins Prof John, Lexi gets the best of both. Prof John’s cock rotating from ass to vagina while Prof Grey fills her mouth. Soon enough the Professors decide it’s “Final Exam” time and they take Lexi upstairs to the master bedroom. After a quick bathroom stop, Eric bends Lexi over the bed, spreads her cheeks and enjoys the taste of Lexi’s cunt. As Eric is licking her clit and tongue fucking her Harry is administering some tests of his own in the form of a gentle flogging. Well, gentle to him, not her as she grimaces with every strike. Eric stands up and advances his own test by shoving his cock deep inside Lexi’s inviting cunt. Harry gives Lexi a break and instead of flogging her fondles her firm full tits. They are gorgeous tits to be sure. To continue his exam Eric instructs Lexi to climb up on the bed and lay on her back. Lifting one of her legs Eric again plows that luscious garden of pleasure as Lexi lies back and moans softly. Soon it’s the Dean’s turn and Harry takes Eric’s place. Holding her leg high Harry begins his own course of fucking Lexi’s wet cunt. Knowing that Lexi seeks extra credit Eric gets on the bed next to Lexi and while Harry fucks her cunt, Eric begins a vigorous face fucking. This beautiful young woman is getting poked on both ends in a delicious spit roasting exercise. As Lexi employs her considerable skills sucking on Eric’s cock he reaches his peak of passion. Changing positions for better advantage Eric drops a cum load all over Lexi’s tits and chest. Meanwhile Harry has kept busy fucking Lexi and enjoying the exercise to the fullest. He now switches with Eric who resumes fucking Lexi while Harry scoops the cum into her mouth. Eric isn’t quite finished though as he leaves another load of cum on Lexi’s cute cunt. In the end Lexi is all smiles as she expects to receive all the extra credit necessary to keep her slot on the cheerleading squad. The video ends with a delightful behind the scenes interview with Lexi. A beautiful woman with loads of talent and a personality to match.


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