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ManyVids – AzureSkyFilms – Lexi Lore: Prof & Coeds 2-1 Extra Credit – PREMIUM VIDEO
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Eric John, a Prof of Anthropology, is meeting with Prof Harry Grey, Dean of the department about a coed who is failing Eric’s class. Apparently Lexi Lore, the coed is just barely passing the course and needs to get her grades up to stay on the cheerleading squad. Normally Eric assigns a “TA” (teaching assistant), Paul to help the girls get their grades up. However, today the TA is busy elsewhere. So he sent Lexi to Harry’s house to meet with Eric and Harry. Harry asks Lexi if Paul has told her what she needs to do for her extra credit? Lexi says yes. Paul told her very explicitly that if she does a little something for them and they’ll do a little something for her. Lexi shyly agrees. She really wants to get her grades up. And the action begins. Harry goes upstairs to get ready for Lexi’s next course. Eric remains downstairs with Lexi. Eric unzips his pants and pulls out his cock. Lexi is all smiles as she is anxious to wrap her lips around Eric’s cock and swallow it whole. As he unzips his pants Lexi pulls his half hard cock out and immediately swallows it. As Lexi embraces all of Eric’s considerable endowment, cradling his balls, licking and sucking his cock it isn’t long before Eric is fully aroused. But Lexi always does more than just suck a cock. She cradles it in her hands, licks it slowly up and down, gently caresses it sliding her hands up and down the long shaft. Lexi is fairly in love with Eric’s cock. Her wet lips provide lubrication while her hands are all over his cock and balls. As Eric becomes more aroused he turns to Lexi and touches her left tit to silently instruct her to undress. Lexi understands the silent command. As she takes off her shirt Eric removes his pants. Now it’s Eric’s turn to enjoy Lexi’s charms as he caresses her gorgeous tits. Firm, but full, milky white breasts with erect nipples holding silver nipple piercings these tits are magnificent examples of a young woman’s endowment. Now Eric stands and steps into Lexi as she sits on the couch eager to once again encircle that cock with her wet lips. Her oral talents are in full view as she not only deepthroats Eric’s cock – gagging slightly – but she licks it erotically, caresses it with her hands, sucks his balls and makes sweet oral love to his cock. Well aroused Eric has Lexi take off her shorts. He does a bit of toe sucking then pulls the crotch of her panties aside and dribbles some spit on her cunt. Slipping down to the floor Eric returns the oral favor to Lexi as he makes love to her delicate vaginal lips. Lexi softly moans as Eric’s tongue fondles her clit and penetrates her. With both of them deeply aroused Eric stands up, hands Lexi a purple vibrator, lifts her leg and slides his cock deep inside her cunt. As he does so Lexi uses the vibrator on her clitoris. Thrusting in and out of her luscious vagina Eric pushes Lexi’s passion. In turn, Lexi also enhances her sexual sensations with the vibrator on her clit. Over and over, in and out Eric fucks Lexi hard and deep as her moans and breathing rise with her passion. Nearly at full climax Eric pulls back and reaches for some lube. As Lexi lays on her side, leg lifted high Eric anoints his cock with a full dose of lube and then adds some more to Lexi’s near virginal anus. Eric pulls Lexi to him and raises her leg a bit higher. Pushing forward he presses his cock against Lexi’s anus. As if by command Lexi reaches around behind, grasps Eric’s cock and guides it into her ass. Moaning gently Lexi is anally penetrated by Eric. He thrusts forward and drives his cock balls deep into Lexi’s tight ass as she moans with pleasure. Minute after minute Lexi is impaled by Eric’s cock plunging deep inside her ass. With little warning Harry suddenly returns just as Eric and Lexi are in full anal passion. Harry, already undressed, kneels on the couch and sticks his hard cock into Lexi’s wet luscious mouth. Lexi is now fully engaged with a huge cock up her ass and another in her mouth. But she wants more and picks up the purple vibrator once more. Reaching a new level of excitement Eric and Harry pull back and have Lexi kneel on the couch. Eric now plunges his cock deep into Lexi’s cunt once more as Harry returns his cock to Lexi’s warm inviting mouth. Lexi is now in a classic anal / vaginal spit roast as Eric takes advantage of his position and switches from Lexi’s cunt to her ass and then back again in a little bit of ATV. Harry just enjoys shoving his cock as deep as he can into her mouth. Finally, Eric suggests they all go upstairs and begin a new, “extra credit” course of study. This class is dismissed.


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