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ManyVids – Brandon Iron – AUBREY GOLD 18 Sucks Off Brandon Iron 47 – PREMIUM VIDEO – HD
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SUGAR BABY ALERT!! 18-year-old AUBREY GOLD glides into the room wearing a black mesh lingerie piece with thigh-high socks. She flashes a smile, then her tits. She covers up a spider bite on her butt. It bothers her but not me. Still, it’s nice to see her beautiful puckered asshole and shaved pussy. The g-string has given her pussy lips a bit of a wedgie. She drops down to her knees, having said absolutely nothing so far. I met her at the California Chicken Cafe at Topanga Canyon and Nordhoff Streets about 15 minutes prior when an Uber dropped her off for the shoot. She helps me off with my pants and says, “I can’t wait to taste it” as she takes me from soft to hard with her mouth. Excellent tongue swirls, head bobbing, and eye contact from this blonde beauty. She gives some nice deep strokes with her mouth and seems into it. “I love sucking it.” When I ask her how she feels about swallowing, she replies, “I love it so much. I really want you to just cum all over my mouth.” She takes it out of first gear and my toes curl. More jerking, more spit, more cock worship. Her first swallow story: She was 14 and swallowed her boyfriend’s cum in his room. No other details provided but she has been well-trained. She does some nice self-impaling and makes some beautiful throat music. “I just want you to cum in me…..I meant my mouth.” She then giggles and laughs the laugh of a true 18-year-old. Did she give any thought to me being almost 30 years older? Nope. That’s quality service from a skilled cocksucker. She lets me fuck her face a bit and promises to eat “all of it.” I take that promise seriously, so I was concerned when a big rope of cum “accidentally” tumbled out of its proper home. She gathers the intestinal fortitude to send the goo down the hatch and smiles victoriously! Phobia about swallowing an older man’s cum? Conquered! When I try to scoop more cum into her mouth, the acting is over and she feels newly grossed out. I think reality bit. We both laugh it off. She takes a deep bow, spins, and saunters away with her tummy full. On to the next sugar daddy for this sweet young thing! Bravo! Encore! Encore!


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