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ManyVids – Brandon Iron – GABRIELLA LATI: POV Suck and Swallow – PREMIUM VIDEO – HD
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19-year-old Gabriella enters wearing a silver metallic micro bikini with open-toed high heels. I pinch her cheeks and she giggles. She tells me she is here for a blowjob and I test her mouth by having her suck my thumb. I inspect this lovely Latvian’s all-natural body. Gabriella says she enjoys sucking but cannot remember when she started doing it. She flashes her shaved pussy underneath her thong, turns, and spreads her ass. I greet her as dogs do and it momentarily freaks her out. She doesn’t want me to lick her asshole and covers up. Not wanting to cause any more awkwardness with my partner nearly 3 decades my junior, I guide her to her knees and the blowjob begins. Deep throat skills have not yet developed in this nubile nympho. She sucks my balls but refuses to lick my ass, politely but very firmly. More cocksucking. I ask her if she likes to swallow and she says she does. When I ask her why, she replies, “It’s vitamins!” Gabriella takes off her shoes and jerks me with her bare feet. She finds this funny. Feeding time approaches and she licks my balls. Off camera, I asked Gabriella to suck me to completion but she has suffered the old fool for too long and insists her mouth is done working. “I want to swallow,” she says. Even I’m convinced by the lie and I dump hot goo into her gaping mouth. She swishes and swashes the sperm, swallows, and gives some post-cum head. I give high-fives to her tongue, hand, and foot before watching her walk away. Cupid has failed once again.


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