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ManyVids – Charlotte1996 – For Valentine — Desperate to be Yours – PREMIUM VIDEO
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In these 34 minutes, I address the camera directly, talking to Valentine — the one I want to own me — throughout the video. This has probably the most dirty talking to the camera of any video I’ve made — it’s a near-constant stream of me telling you (Valentine) over and over how desperately, pathetically needy I am for you and how I would do anything in the world for even a small chance at being your fuckslut, no matter how degrading, humiliating, or dirty. I can’t get you out of my head, Valentine. You’re the only one I want, the only one who knows what to do with me, the only one who knows what I’m for. This body was made for you. I’ve been edging all day, but I know I shouldn’t cum until you’re there to give me permission. I edge once more for you and then I’m finally allowed to cum after you can see what a frenzied state I’m in. After I cum once I can’t stop myself from doing it again. I got super into this role play and really let loose… I think you’ll be as shocked as I was to hear some of the filthy fantasies that come out of my mouth when I’m describing what I’d be willing to do, whether it’s sharing you with other girls (but working hard to be your favorite) or licking your ass whenever you want. I’m not gonna lie, it’s kind of embarrassing for me knowing that you’ll see me in this crazed, pathetic state of desperation, but I thoroughly enjoyed degrading myself and suspending any and all dignity I possess to grovel at your feet for scraps of attention. Give me a chance? Please note this was originally a custom video, and some of my choices in this video reflect that. To order your very own Charlotte original, check out my onlyfans ?


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