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ManyVids – ChloeNight – Fan Weekend with Chloe Night Pt.1 – PREMIUM VIDEO
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Thank you so much Fethry! In this video you (the viewer) is a fan who has won a weekend with Chloe Night. The viewer assumed this meant they were lucky enough to be able to have their way with me. It’s actually pretty cute to think about, they’re so sweet… just a little naive. It starts with my fan blindfolded, I express my appreciation for that. It sets a tone for the weekend, this action lets me know you don’t mind obeying requests. I remove the blindfold to reveal myself in pajamas. A playful onesie. Not the most sultry outfit but, the cuteness is very Chloe. I show it off for you a little bit while we have a quick chat. I’m very pleased someone like you was selected. Now, before we jump into anything you need to know that Chris Night (my boyfriend) is not going to leave the living room until your arms are restrained. It’s a precaution I see necessary so I can feel safe with you. After some reassurance, you let me tie your hands together. I don’t think you would want to disappoint, you’re excited for what could be about to happen. I hook your hands onto a spot above your head. Effectively restraining you so you can’t leave your place unless I let you. Don’t worry darling, you can trust me. I leave your legs free so I can watch your whole body squirm during what’s going to happen next. Besides, I like to keep my options open. This weekend is going to be so much fun! I feel good knowing you have to keep your hands to yourself, I start unzipping my cozy pajamas to reveal lingerie underneath. Isn’t this top so much sexier? As beautiful as it is, it isn’t the most interesting thing I was hiding under my onesie. You caught a glimpse of my harness just before I was going to reveal it. I share a knowing smile with you as I let my little blue cock pop out. You knew this was going to be a weekend with Chloe Night and you know that her strap on is her favourite toy. Your cock must be so hard for me. You don’t get to fuck me though. You’re very sweet, I’m lucky to be loved by you but, my kitty is not for you. The luckiest you would get is having my cock, if you can behave yourself while I have my way. I guess Chris can leave the living room now that you’re where I need you to be. Are you ready? I hope so, I call him into the bedroom with us. You look confused…did I mislead you? I hope you didn’t think that he was going to be leaving us alone together once you were tied up, that would be silly. I need him here for what i’m going to do. I’m afraid this cute little cock isn’t for you. He gets a kiss when he enters, he’s already in on what we’re doing to you. He gets hard fast for me when I pull his pjamas down. I barely have to suck him before he’s ready to be placed on the bed. Using lot’s of lube, I enter him on the bed in front of you. He’s lying on his back and I’m stroking his cock while pushing in bit by bit. I’m acknowledging you the entire time. I know you wish this was you, I know you wish you could do anything with me. I’m leaving you there to keep watching. He let’s me take him from behind in front of you. I’m in love with that pretty asshole. I ask him how it feels and he tells me that it hurts. He was so good for me so I want him to feel good. I bend over for him while I face the viewer. He places himself inside of me and starts fucking me so good. His cock is incredible, nobody fucks me like he does. Do you thnk you could? It’s too bad you don’t get to try. I let him lay down and ride him while facing you too. He doesn’t even care if he’s lying on top of you anymore, he’s having such a good time. I can feel him gettting close but, I want everyone to get dick tonight. Our guest might want to ty his cock instead of mine if we give them the choice. They watched us so well without interrupting, I think they deserve to pick. The viewer already seems eager for Chloe but, I want to sell them on Chris’s cock. I reach around for a handjob and stroke him close to my face to try showcasing how perfect it is. It’s so much warmer than mine, you would be very lucky to try this one. I come even closer to try to convince you but, you know what you want. To be honest, that’s really flattering to still have my cock chosen after the sales pitch I gave you. I dismiss my wonderful boyfriend before he’s gotten off. I’ll be taking care of him later. I remove the harness and tell him to go fuck himself, with love. He’s so damn handsome, isn’t he? Now it’s just myself and the viewer again. I’m going to give the viewer hat they’ve chosen but, I’m going to be using something a little bigger on them. I think a person that eager will be able to handle something more impressive. Are you ready to let me in your ass? I’m going to blindfold you again while I slip into something different. For you there is going to be a different mood than there was with Chris, I trust that this is all right? I hope you’re still ready for me when I return. Blindfold goes on, the video ends. Really hope you like this one! XX


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