Models: CoffinCouple
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ManyVids – CoffinCouple – Do You Like My New Dress, Daddy – PREMIUM VIDEO
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Your little girl has a hot date tonight, but you are absolutely not okay with her dress being totally see through! After expressing your distaste your sweet little girl decides going out isn’t as much fun as staying home to have some fun with her daddy. She teases you and drops that cute little brand new dress to the floor and grabs your cock and gobbles it down her perfect throat. She is such a sweet girl never breaking eye contact even for a second while she slobbers and gulps down your hot cock. Once she has you nice and hard she’s ready to spin around and have you take her from behind. Doggy is daddy’s little girl’s absolute favorite. You spin her around and throw her down on the bed making her bounce up and down on you until you just can’t hold it any longer. She pulls you out of her and quickly gets down on her knees to receive her favorite thing ever, hot sticky cum from her daddy.


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