Models: Dawn Willow
1920 x 1080
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ManyVids – Dawn Willow – Horsin’ Around – PREMIUM VIDEO – HD
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After a long hiatus from here I’m back and so is my favorite Stallion.. This video begins with sensual teasing in my full body fishnet one piece, complete with black stiletto stripper heels on my feet. I twerk and bounce my ass at the camera and suck off the huge horse dildo. My mouth is open wide as I show off how much of the head I can stuff inside. I lay on my back and insert the horse dick inside of me, thrusting it as deep as it will go.. my pussy is soaking as I use my hands to gape and nearly fist myself for the first time. Really organic , not focused on dirty talk and I kinda just am me ? Notes : lot’s of spit, not much dirty talk but I comment on what I’m doing in a cute kinda way (see above about the fisting part), some firsts for me and lots of cum with close up angles.


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