Models: Emma Choice
1920 x 1080
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ManyVids – Emma Choice – CUSTOM Blackmailed by Husband’s Boss – PREMIUM VIDEO
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This is a custom video, here is the shortened description given to me: Your husband has been embezzling money from his company, so his boss pays a home visit. His boss tells you what he has done and what can happen to him. He tells you there’s a way to make this all go away, and you beg to know what it is. He demands that you sit down and show him your panties. You’re incredibly shocked and embarrassed, completely reluctant but eventually you do it. He convinces you to bare your breasts and then have a beverage. After the beverage you’re a bit zoned out. He tells you to finger your pussy under your panties and tell him if your husband can please you, if you masturbate, etc. You’re reluctant but end up telling him everything, about how your husband’s cock can’t please you and you fuck yourself so much to try and compensate. He convinces you to have another bev. and now you’re very turned on. Enthusiastically fucking your pussy and telling him how you would want him to fuck you until you squirt everywhere, begging him to fill your cunt with cum.


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