Models: Emma Choice
1920 x 1080
1.82 GB
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ManyVids – Emma Choice – Custom: Blackmailed By My Teacher – PREMIUM VIDEO
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This is a custom but it uses no specific name, simply “Sir”. This is my first ever video using a fuck machine! | You find a student’s phone left after class and scroll through the photos to find out who it belongs to. To your surprise you find one of your minxy female scholar’s nude photos. You know you can use this to your advantage, so you call her into your office. You tell her you’ve found the photos and she is horrified. God, why does it turn you on to see her so desperate? You get her to strip down naked and are floored by that body. Those tears streaming down her face make those blue eyes pop like crazy. Why not just take it all the way? You face fuck the brat until she’s a slobbery mess and then take her virginity. Oh yeah, you told her you would delete the photos. Eh, might as well keep them… just in case. INCLUDES: Blackmail fetish, fuck machine, crying fetish, student/teacher, pigtails, short skirts, strip tease, embarrassment, reluctance, small tits, gagging, deepthroating, facefucking, blue eyes, virgins, pussy fucking, creamy pussy, dripping, and more.


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