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ManyVids – GingerBanks – Public Spa and Shower Masturbation – PREMIUM VIDEO
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I went to get a massage the other day and before it started I decided to get naked in the common area! I’m sure no one would have cared if they walked in….but it was still pretty exciting! Then I got into my robe since another lady showed up! I sat down in the waiting area and played with my nipples and pussy a little bit!! Then I got called back for my massage and the guy giving it to me was SO sexy!! The whole time I was laying down I was thinking about him touching my pussy!! When it was over I knew I needed to cum in the shower! I got into the shower quietly, with someone in the shower next to me, and started by washing off all the massage oil. Then I start to gently rub my body all over….imaging it was still the masseuse! I finally start to play with my pussy getting closer and closer to cumming!! Then I touch my asshole and gently slip a finger in and I can barely contain my moans!!!! I finally sit my phone down on the floor so I can cum!!! I sit down and finger my clit until I cum!!! Then I start to finger my pussy and cum again even harder!! I love getting naughty with people near by.


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