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ManyVids – JennyBlighe – Making You My Girly Cumslut – PREMIUM VIDEO – HD
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Custom vid*** “Jenny, please wear a sexy black bra, black thong, white thigh-high stockings (like in your Home Alone with Sister JOI video), Red Lipstick and keep your hair out, not tied back. No music or anything in the background and no zooming in/out of the camera please. Have a close up view that is intimate and look me in the eyes as you talk to me. Be sensual, not humiliating, and please talk very dirty to me. Phrases like “I know you’ve fantasized about being a girl, you’ve wondered what cum tastes like, how it feels to take a load in your mouth and then swallow it.” Tell me how delicious it tastes, how you love cum and how it gets you wet that I want to eat my own. Lick your fingers and tell me that you’re going to help me eat cum like a girl. be encouraging and play with your hair while talking to me and turning me on. Tease your smooth body (especially legs) for me. I shave all the hair off my body so that I feel more feminine. I want to feel like a girl doing this. Please help me to. You want me to cum directly into my mouth. Please show me the position and demonstrate it for me. legs over head with cock pointing straight at my wide open mouth. Show me how to do it so that i can’t miss. Tell me to imagine you sucking my cock while you loosen my ass with your fingers. You think that I need to take cock inside my body to truly feel like a girl and you’re going to strap on fuck me. Use dirty phrases like, filling up your asshole, stretching you out, feel it move inside of your body as I fuck you, push back on my cock. Talk dirty, call me a slut etc. Don’t actually wear a strap on in video. Tease your breasts throughout the video by leaning over to show cleavage. Towards the end, take off your bra and panties (leave thigh-highs on), tease your body, lie back and spread your pussy open, asking me how I wish I had a pussy and a female body. Tell me to get into position, legs over head, and give me a countdown from 10 seconds. You’re about to make me a girly cumslut. Once it’s in my mouth, tell me to hold it, savor it, taste it and finally swallow it. “Gulp it down for me”. Don’t allow me to back out. Make it feel personal and that this is the hottest thing you’ve ever seen. You WANT me to do this and you wish you could have shared that load with me, kissed, cum-swapped it. you’re dripping wet watching me. The filthier the talk the better. Simply make me feel like a dirty girl that lives to get fucked and eat cum. I fantasize about being that. Things I don’t like: calling me a sissy, faggot, loser etc. or girly names. Have fun with it, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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