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ManyVids – Jessica Loves Sex – Your Punishment – PREMIUM VIDEO
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Boy Girl. Filmed in POV HD. Custom Vid for Curt. I’m your girlfriend, and I’m mad at you cause even though I’m Hot you keep checking out other girls when we go to the club, so tonight I decide to get even with you. I go out clubbing after you fall asleep. I wear a skimpy little club dress, Sexy hoop earrings that drive you crazy, and my hair up in a Slutty, Naughty Ponytail. I pick up a Hot guy with a Bigger Cock than yours cause yours is so fucking small I can barley do anything with it. Finally a Cock I can have some fun with! I decide to bring him home, wake you up, and make you stand behind him and watch over his shoulder while I Suck his Nice Hard Cock all while showing off my Sexy Hot body and my Amazing Big Tits that you bought me, even doing some Titty Fucking cause I can’t with your Tiny Cock. I Drive you crazy getting Super Sloppy on his Hard, Throbbing Cock and even give you the finger a few times. For the Cumshot, you need to watch and see but you know I’m going to make him Cum Big. That should teach you Curt.


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