Models: Kaedia Lang
1920 x 1080
1.26 GB
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ManyVids – Kaedia Lang – The Girlfriend Experience – PREMIUM VIDEO
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Probably one of my new favorite videos–definitely my favorite custom I’ve filmed! I want to thank Mattias, the buyer, for giving me full creative control over this video as his only request was a “girlfriend experience” and this seed definitely planted a ton of fun ideas in my mind. I love being creative! This was a pain to film and edit, especially since I had to reimport the footage twice because of a storage space issue (so many tears were shed) but nevertheless, I think it was definitely worth it! There’s a lot of scenes in this video (or should I say short film?) but if you liked my last video similar to this (Long Distance), you’ll definitely like this one! I had to export it in lower quality than usual because of the size but I still think the quality is decent regardless. I don’t want to spoil too much more than the preview does, but I hope you enjoy! Music: Joakim Karud – Dreams (reuse allowed through creative commons license). Thanks and enjoy


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