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I am patiently waiting for you to inspect my room Corporal. I think you will find everything to your liking. The blanket isn’t proper and my hair is out of place. For this you decide to take away my liberty and say I have to come in to clean everything on Saturday. But Corporal there are so many better things you could be doing instead of watching me clean. I peaked your interest and show you what I mean. I start stripping and showing off my sexy body. I play with my titties and then my ass for you. Then I unzip your pants and give you a quick blow job. I take off the rest of my uniform and turn around doggy style for you to fuck me. My pussy is so wet. I turn around and face you while we fuck until you tell me to get on my knees. I suck your cock again and let you release your massive load all over my pretty face.


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