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ManyVids – MindUnderMaster – Aria Skye – Trance Therapy – PREMIUM VIDEO
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Session 1: Aria Skye is being made to see the doctor because her parents think she parties too much. If she wants to live under their roof she’ll need some counseling. The doctor quickly puts her in her place, “They sent you here because you’re a brat”. Indignant Aria says he “can’t talk to her that way” But after some Trance Therapy she soon realizes that she likes when he controls her. She wants to do everything he says. Since she likes to dance he tell her to “dance like a stripper for him” and soon she’s taking off all her clothes as she teases the camera. Since she’s a stripper she should get some practice, so he commands her to “beg for him to come into the VIP” with her. She teases him at first, “wouldn’t you like to touch my 18 year old body?” and then asks “Do you want me to beg? I’ll beg if that’s what you want” before getting on her knees. She tells him all the things she’d do for him, how good he’d feel if he just went in the VIP with her, “I’ll get on my knees when the bouncer isn’t looking an you can explode all over my tongue” She sticks out her tongue and waits for his load like a good girl. She wakes, her clothes back on now, “I’m sorry I zoned out” she says not remembering anything. Session 2: The good doctor wastes no time getting his new pet into a trance. She tells him she thinks “about pleasuring men when I dance” and how she “wants to be a stripper more than anything in the world.” The doctor offers to let her give him a lapdance and she eagerly gets to pleasuring him. [ASMR] She wraps her leg around his and whispers in his ear. “Isn’t this what you want? To be all alone with a slutty little eighteen year old? Don’t worry, no one will notice. You just lay back and let your little girl take care of you. I want to make you feel so good sir. I want to be your favorite girl in the club, I want you come back and see me all the time. Will you do that for me? Please. What if I do more? Do you want to feel my young mouth wrapped around your cock? ” she says before going down on him. “I can’t get cared away, not yet anyway. I bet your wife can’t make you feel this good. I bet she can’t make you feel as good as a firm little eighteen year old stripper can she? Oh sir…I’ll make you feel good. I’ll make you feel good every time you come see me. I’ll make you cum all over my little hand. Oh god sir, I want that. I want to make you cum. Please cum for me sir. Please cum all over my little hand. Please cum so I can lick it up. I want to taste you all night sir. I want you to feel so good you come back again and again so I can make you cum over and over. Please give it to me, please give me all your wife’s cum. Please I need it sir” she begs before he finally gives her what she wants and spills his load all over her hand. Session 3: The doctor stands behind her, playing with her young body as she looks into the light. “You love what I’ve turned you into.” he says as he slid his hands into her shirt. “I love what you’ve turn me into.” she repeats like a good slave. DOCTOR You want me to take care of you. ARIA I want you to take care of me. DOCTOR You’re going to drop out of school and move out of your parent’s house. ARIA I’m going to drop out of school and move out of my parent’s house. DOCTOR You want to start dancing at the strip club. ARIA I’ll want to start dancing at the strip club. DOCTOR You need me to take care of you ARIA I need you to take care of me. DOCTOR You want me to be your daddy. ARIA I want you to be my daddy. DOCTOR Will you be my good little girl? ARIA Yes daddy. I’ll be your good little girl. Soon she has her back in his personal VIP room as she sucks and licks his cock all over. She begs to please her daddy, her little feet waving in the air behind her as she take him in her mouth over and over. “I’ll be such a little good girl daddy. I’ll make you cum everyday. Please cum for me daddy…please” she begs as her tongue laps at his balls. As she grows more desperate she uses two hands practically praying for her new daddy to cum for his little eighteen year old girl.


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