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ManyVids – MindUnderMaster – Carolina & Khloe – Double Valentine – PREMIUM VIDEO
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Khloe just started dating this guy and her roommate Carolina doesn’t get it. He’s twice her age, he doesn’t have a job and he just sits around their apartment watching TV and drinking, but Khloe waits on him hand and foot. Carolina hear her whispering in his ear, telling him how much she loves him, how perfect he is…but once she started calling him Daddy Carolina had to say something. “What is going on with you?” Carolina asked while Khloe’s boyfriend slept in the other room, ”You’ve been dressing different, your acting different. You haven’t been to class in weeks.” “Oh I dropped out,” Khloe matter of factly confessed “I make more money dancing at the strip club.” “You’re stripping?!?” Carolina almost screamed. This girl had gotten a full scholarship, but now she was dancing for money? “It was daddy’s idea” Khloe says with a wry grin “Please stop calling that” “But he likes it” Khloe quickly responded. “Khloe, you just met him,” Carolina implores. She hadn’t even realized he had been staying there the first day because Khloe would just scamper out of the bedroom half naked, grab some food and then sneak back into her room. “Daddy said this would happen. He told me you’d be jealous.” “I’m worried about you, I’m not jealous” “I have just the thing,”Khloe cheerfull adds befor handing Carolina a tiny little charm. “Happy early Valentine’s Day.” “You bought me a valentine gift?” Carolina started to feel her head get light, like all of her thoughts were rush out at once and Khloe’s voice began to sound muted, like it was underwater. “When I first met daddy he asked me if I dropped this charm. Obviously it wasn’t mine, but he said, well it’s yours now and put it around my neck.” Carolina puts her hand down to balance herself only half able to listen to Khloe’s story, “But as he walked away I just felt this urge to thank him. So I ran down the block and gave him a big kiss.” “I feel funny” Carolina finally confesses “Here lean against me,” Khloe tells her as she lays Carolina back int her arms. Cradling her head and brushing her hair as she continued her story. “He asked if I wanted to go back to his place. He took my hand and led me to his apartment. It wasn’t long before I was sucking his perfect cock. Looking up at him, from my knees, I knew right then and there that I was in love. I let him use me like a fucktoy all night long and I just begged for more.” Carolina’s hand absentmindedly starts to roam over her body. “My body feels so good. Why am I so wet?” she wondered aloud as she slipped her fingers into her panties. “In the morning he was going through my phone and asked who your were. He was so excited when I told him you were my roommate.” Khloe continued, laying Carolina on her back so she could climb on top of her and kiss her neck up and down. “That’s when he decided to move in with us. That’s when he decided to give you this valentine’s gift.” Carolina looked at the charm and whatever remained of her mind knew something wasn’t right, “No… its doing something to us.” But her protest was just met with more kisses and soon her hands were roaming all over Khloe’s body. “Its just a gift Carolina. A gift from the man we love” she whispered to her friend with a smile. Go on say it. Don’t be jealous. I’ll share daddy with you. Just say it and you’ll be so happy I promise.” “I…” it all started to make sense, he was really handsome. The fact that he was older and wiser, it just made sense to call him Daddy. She would be a lot happier if she wasn’t just watching them, Carolina thought… “I love him.” “Say it again” Khloe commanded and with a big smile Carolina replied. “I love him. I love him” —— Khloe helped Carolina get into some sexy for daddy and they both crawled into bed with him, lightly kissing his neck to wake him up. “Wake up daddy.” Khloe said lovingly “Happy valentine’s day” Carolina added as daddy’s eyes fluttered open and their hands began to caresses his cock. “I love you so much Daddy” “Do you like your valentine’s gift daddy?” Khloe asked as daddy squeezed her ass pulling her closer to him “I love sharing you with her.” “I’m sorry I was so mean. I just didn’t realize how in love I was with you. How happy it makes me to please you.” Carolina said hoping Daddy could find a way to forgive her as she took his cock into her mouth. “Fuck it tastes so good.”” “I love sucking daddy’s cock. I could do it all day long.” Khloe practically bragged to her friend, “Let me teach you. Daddy likes it sloppy so help me get it wet.” “Like that?” Carolina asked hoping she was doing a good job. “Swirl your tongue around the head.” Khloe corrected her, knowing all the way Daddy liked to be pleasured, “Most of all, look up into daddy’s eyes and tell him how much you love him.” “I love you daddy. I love sharing your cock. Thank you for letting me be your valentine” Carolina said earnestly. “Did I do a good job daddy?” Khloe whispered into Daddy’s ear while Caroli.


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