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ManyVids – MindUnderMaster – Khloe Kapri & Addee Kate Trance Therapy – PREMIUM VIDEO
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The good doctor is looking for a couple of nurses to help take care of his clients, but the best way for Nurse Khloe and Addee to understand his practice is by letting him put them into a trance. It doesn’t take long to get them comfortable, they’re both very eager to help people in need and want to be of service. The doctor is a little worried that they might be too attractive and a bit of a distraction. “Would you mind showing me your bodies?” Addee doesn’t even hesitate and start to remove her top, Khloe is confused but if Addee is comfortable why not? They have VERY nice bodies and it might be difficult when bathing their patience. “I require a special type of bathing here, instead of a sponge bath, it’s a tongue bath. Does that sound alright?” Again, Addee is excited to help, but Khloe hesitates. “Is that what we normally do?” she asks, but he reassures her that a tongue bath sounds like the perfect way to care for a patient. Khloe nods, “A tongue bath does seem like the perfect way to care for a patient”. —- The doctor lays back and lets the nurse show him how well they can bath him with their tongues. They lick up and down his body. Even cleaning the inside of his mouth, but the focus clearly need to be on his cock. They spit and roll as they lick his cock all over, stroking him as it gets wetter and wetter. “We like to bath you with our tongues. We like to clean you with our spit. We like to give you a tongue bath” e=they repeat as the pleasure him. He’s such a wonderful patient, so sexy, so handsome, it’s like they aren’t even working…they’re just enjoying themselves and taking care of their patient’s needs. Tags: blowjob, licking, submissive dirty talk, mind control, double blowjob, nurse, threesome, drool, spit, drooling into mouth, kissing, body licking, female training, cum on tongue, tongue play, ASMR, whisper, Khloe Kapri, Addee Kate.


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