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ManyVids – MindUnderMaster – Sex Addiction – Chloe Harmony Jayde Maya – PREMIUM VIDEO
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Featuring: Chloe Temple, Harmony Wonder, Jayde Symz, and Maya Kendrick They go around the group, each of the four girls telling her story of sex addiction. Harmony fucking her professors, Maya fucking her boss, Jayde going to secret sex parties and Chloe unable to stop thinking about sex everywhere she goes. But each one has over come their addiction and met a man who makes them believe they can be in a commitment relationship. Sure they’re ALL seeing the same guy, but they don’t mind sharing, not when he’s their cure from addiction, not when they love him so much. Once the confession are done they each get ready for their man, slipping on sexy underwear and heels before repeating after their master. Soon they’re surrounding him, kissing him, praising him, worshiping his cock as they all take turns pleasuring every inch of his body. Two whisper in his ear as the other two pleasure his cock with their mouths. He’s their savior and they are going to show him how grateful they all are. TAGS: Reverse gangbang BJ, 4 girls 1 guy, FFFFM, ASMR, redhead, blonde, brunette, blowjob, kissing, caressing, submissive dirty talk, whispering, sex slaves, mind control, master, begging.


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