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ManyVids – NovaPatra – Asian Couple Having Hot Anal Sex – PREMIUM VIDEO
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I always strive to produce the highest-quality, most exclusive, most mind-blowing Asian XXX Content! An outstanding A+ video by the SUPER HOT ASIANS! This time we really step up the acting and bring you a slightly comedic porno. In this video the male character has taken too much VIAGRA and can’t relieve himself. He goes to a specialist in thailand to help him relieve his aching and throbbing hard cock. At first she only tries basic remedies but is to take drastic measures first sucking his dick and then ultimately fucking him. It was an expensive price to get this Thai slut to take the westerner’s dick in her pussy, she demands a condom, but when he still can’t cum he pays her 1000000 baht to let him remove the condom and fuck her BAREBACK. Lots of positions and great views of hardcore sex. The finish is amazing, she blows him in an outdoor shower and takes a massive 14 DAY CUMSHOT all over her FACE. Heroic! A must see video by the SUPER HOT ASIANS who do not dissapoint. This video is also quite long, over 20 mins of great fucking action. Buy it now and I promise you will cum hard and be satisfied. The SUPER HOT ASIANS are back! Nova Patra and Lake O get very kinky in this reality scene. Lake busts in on Nova’s shower session and convinces her to try a new butt plug. Nova ends up dying to suck on Lake’s big cock. She gives him a very thorough blowjob. He starts pounding her pussy hard with the plug still in place. We get a nice close up of the butt plug removal. Lake fucks Nova in some hot positions as he usually does. Butt he saves the best for last even surprising Nova live on set by pulling his throbbing cock out of her pussy and shoving it up her asshole as he starts blowing a massive load. He creampies inside her ass and pulls out to finish emptying his load. Another great Okane cumshot splashing everywhere and leaving you satisfied. Get this video if you enjoy the best Asian porn. Anal Anal Anal Anal.


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