Models: Piper Blush
1280 x 720
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ManyVids – Piper Blush – A great view and a BJ – PREMIUM VIDEO
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I hope that all of you, many ass lovers, will be pleased to know that this update is specially dedicated to YOU! We put way more ASS than usual and a lot of grabbing too so you can sense her curves. Piper shows off the small of her back; she is all the more evocative in her black lace lingerie. Her toes are clenched as you look up, her soft stockings are tied just under her ass to her garter belt. The elastics which makes her ass look more naked are gently applying pressure on her skin, revealing how plump her cheeks are. Her panties get lost between them until they reaper covering her pussy. You take her in your hands squeezing and giggling. She follows your movement with her hips. She opens her mouth and waits for you to place yourself between her lips. You feel the warmth emanating for her panties. Her mouth waters all around your shaft. The wetness mixed with her tongue makes you hard in no time. As you look over to her ass, you spread both cheeks apart trying to glimpse at her pussy, but as you do, she swallows you deep. Nothing turns you on more, you flip her on her back and push yourself lower down her willing throat. She moans longer, that’s when you feel it bursting out. The large spray lands on her throat and in it. She smiles as more lands in her hair. She swallows, but it does not quickly form this angle. You see her throat clench, taking down all that is left of you.


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