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ManyVids – PrincessBambie – Stealing My Best Friends Daddy P.1 – PREMIUM VIDEO
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In this three part Bambie collection, your daughter’s best friend has a MAJOR crush on you. After all, since Alex (daughter’s name, for the porn plot!!!) and I became best friends, you’ve really stepped in as a father figure: taking me to all my soccer games, teaching me to drive. I can’t help but wish that I had a dad like you. So when Alex let’s me use your computer to print something out for school and I notice your recent browser history, I hatch a devious plan on how to seduce you and make you the Daddy I’ve always dreamed of. Sneaking into your office, I begin leaving secret naughty videos on your desktop for you to find. In this first installment, I tease you with some cute clothes and my tight, young body–breaking you into seeing me as something more than just your daughter’s best friend. I wait to see how you react; I can tell how nervous you are around me, but you don’t confront me about them so I assume that you’ve enjoyed your first little surprise. In the second video, I’ve borrowed some of the sex toys I found in your bedroom and decide to start practicing so that I can be the good little girl from the fantasies I found on your computer. Drooling on my gag, gagging from the tight collar, tor turing my sensitive clit with a vibrator for the first time ever. Fingering my pussy fast and hard until I reach the climax of a lifetime (literally tho, I loved making this scene lol OMG) I show great promise as Daddy’s potential new toy. But, I’m still a bit inexperienced, and you’re clearly still gun-shy about these sexual feelings for your daughter’s best friend…. Alex should be headed over to pick me up soon anyways, so I guess you’ll have to wait to find out what happens next.


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