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ManyVids – PrincessBambie – Stealing My Best Friends Daddy P.3 – PREMIUM VIDEO
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The final, the most intense, and the overall best part of my “Stealing My Best Friend’s Daddy” series! I’ve been so excited to share this with you guys, and I hope you love it as much as I do! In this episode, I’ve finally caught Daddy all alone. Alex is still dreaming away in her bedroom when I sneak into your office, determined to get what I want. To top it off, I know you’ve been telling your brother all about the sexy videos on your laptop and suggest that you invite him over to help get my pussy all stretched and ready for you. Nipple clamps, my collar, a sexy school girl outfit, and a rough spit roasting until I cry big happy tears–with double cumshot (one on my face, one in my pussy). What more could you ask for? I even set up secret cameras in your office so you have something to remember our special time together. I know we’ll be doing it again soon too, since I kept a copy for myself and would hate for your wife to get her hands on it.


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