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ManyVids – RobinMae – Dirty Secretary – PREMIUM VIDEO – HD
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Your flirty secretary insisted you come over to her apartment so she coulf show you a new “filing system” she thought you should be using at work. However she had a different plan in mind. What started out as “just business” became so much more. This video is shot POV style, with a visible cumshot in my mouth, and a lot of sexy talk for Brian. “I’d love a vid where you are my naughty secretary and you invite me to your apartment for “work” but your real intent is to model some sexy panties for me…you try on 3 pairs teasing me and even a little lap dance then we end up fucking and suckin until I cum in your mouth. I love the pov view and if the guy didn’t talk… i can add my own dialogue in my head. In the custom if you would use my name alot…ie I’ve always wanted to fuck you Brian…I want to suck your cock Brian etc. etc. love the dirty talk…use my name throughout…thats what really makes it a custom vid.”


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