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ManyVids – Savannah Fox – Mr Fox is using the back door – PREMIUM VIDEO
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Mr.Fox comes home after a long day at work. He calls out for Savannah but no response. He hears a strange noise upstairs and when he goes to investigate he finds her Hitachi left on vibrating away next to a dildo. He is pissed! That bitch knew he has been waiting all day to fuck her, and she goes ahead and starts without him?! He hears her giggling in the house and goes searching for her. He catches her darting from room to room laughing. She tries to run away but he catches her on the stairs. When he confronts her about masturbating she just giggles some more, saying she was warming her pussy up. Now since her horny cunt couldn’t wait to be filled up, shes going to be punished. Now instead of her pussy getting filled hes going to fuck her tight asshole. He grabs her hair and orders her to he knees with her ass up in the air revealing a little black thong. He pulls it aside showing her pretty pink pussy and asshole. Mr.Fox explains since that she was a little whore and started without that now he’s going to punish that tight ass. He shoves his thumb in her butt feeling how tight it is. Its so tight hes going to have to stretch it out first. He shoves two fingers in her ass and she begs for lube. Sluts don’t get lube, they only get spit. He puts his fingers down her throat making her gag and spit into his hand. He rubs her asshole with the spit and shoves his fingers deep inside her. She shivers and whimpers with pleasure. He shoves his fingers in her mouth again letting her taste her own ass. She spits some more and begs for him to fuck her. But hes enjoying teasing his little whore. If she wants dick in her ass she better suck him first. Shes happy to oblige and eagerly slurps his cock down. She spits all over giving his a super sloppy bj. She grows him in her mouth letting his hard cock touch the back of her throat, making her gag. He tells her to turn around so he can fuck her back door. Enjoy this amateur homemade sex tape from Mr&MrsFox.


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