Models: Sheena Shaw
1920 x 1080
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ManyVids – Sheena Shaw – Pink POV Ass to Mouth – PREMIUM VIDEO – HD
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I’ve been working hard at stretching out my pink hole… I love an open gape. Working with a new butt plug I’ve yet to take fully, I begin with my fingers… as many as I can, slowly working them in, past my knuckles and, as I want to see my pink insides, I grab that pretty glass butt plug to better open myself up; to turn it inside out; mmm, pink. However, on this particular day, I looked just too cute to resist. Someone was covertly watching me play and had an urgent need to fuck me so, ever obliging, I took him deep in my warm wet ass and mouth, it didn’t take long before I had him splashing my pink tongue.. This video is 4K, should you purchase it and it will not play on your device of choice, message me and I will send you an HD version.


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