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ManyVids – Submissive Teen POV – SCARED AUDITION Pt1 Kylie Quinn 18 yo BJ – PREMIUM VIDEO
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READ B4 PURCHASE! 18 year old Kylie Quinn is just starting out in the industry. She has only shot solo stuff because her BF doesn’t want her working with other men. Unfortunately she is shooting with Mr. Jon, and he has other plans. “What are you doing?” she asks nervously when the creepy older man begins rubbing her smooth inner thigh. This is part 1 of a 2 part blowjob movie. Part 1 is the foreplay setup, and it ends with Mr. Jon jamming his cock into her sweet young mouth. “What just happened?” asks the perverted predator. Kylie looks up with watery eyes, and says, “You stuck your cock in my mouth!” WARNING: This is a teen BDSM film. That means: BONDAGE (Restraint and taking away a young girl’s freedom) DISCIPLINE (Punishment for disobedience) SADOMASOCHISM (Giving/receiving pleasure from acts involving the infliction of pain, both physical and mental) BUYER BEWARE: This is a darker subgenre (FREE PREVIEWS AVAILABLE) PART 2 will be the actual blowjob, part 1 includes Mr. Jon mind fucking and manhandling a scared newbie and making her give a simulated blowjob with a rubber dildo. My movies place heavy emphasis on dirty talk. Kylie delivers dialogue in her sweet young voice, tinged with nervousness and fear. Dialogue like: “That’s not what was discussed!…Okay…just don’t put your fingers inside me…How long am I gonna have to do this?..I’m gonna keep my eyes in the camera…I was not expecting to do this today…Spit on me cause I’m a fucking whore…today I’m gonna be a piece of human fuck meat…Today I’m gonna be your human fuck toy…I’m afraid of how people will judge me…I have a boyfriend!……Today, my teenage mouth belongs to you…Today, you’re gonna stick your old cock in my teenage holes…” Mr Jon grabs her by the neck and says “Today, we’re gonna start you off in the industry!” Kylie looks into the camera and pleads, “What do you mean?” Mr Jon grips her tighter and replies, “Solo scenes is not working in the industry!” Again, practically crying she begs, “What do you mean?!” (All of the above dialogue appears is part1) The original film involved themes and categories that are banned by Manyvids, so there has been some creative editing done to work around it. Kylie’s performance is really something special. This was shot when she had been in the industry only a few months, and you can see what a natural submissive she is. Several moments of her gagging and coughing on the dildo as well as water that she is made to swallow. Her heavy gasps, moans, and crying are incredible. Please check out my other videos and pornhub channel so you can see the specific genre and tones of my films. Porn is art, some art is dark and subversive. Peace and love!


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