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MyFreeCams Model – AshleyAlban – Throat Punishment – PREMIUM VIDEO – HD
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:Ashley was a bad girl, so she needs to be punished. Your favorite way to punish her is by using her throat. Ashley is annoyed at first when you tell her to take off her clothes. She needs to learn to behave, so you tie her hands behind her back. This way she can be a good submissive slut for you. You push her down on her knees and start to fuck her face. After getting her all sloppy and covered with spit, Ashley decides she loves being your little fuck toy. This video shows three angles of Ashley getting face-fucked: profile on her knees, 69, and POV. At the end, you cum all over Ashley’s face and she continues to suck you until your dick is no longer hard. After, she slowly pushes the cum on her face into her mouth, swallowing every drop down!


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