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:*Custom Vid* I was dancing at a night club, I got very wasted my daddy had to come pick me up. I was so horny from all the alcohol that I asked my daddy to stay and watch me dance. I can see he is getting turned on by my little school girl body that he looked up my skirt. I took my panties off so he could see my pussy while I am dancing, I started to tease him. I passed out on the floor! Daddy came over to help but he just wanted to stick his dick inside my pussy! I tried to tell him to stop but it feels so nice, so I let him fuck my tight young body. I ride his cock right there in the club, but wait a minute, I have to go pee. My daddy is following me.. I think he wants to carry on fucking me in the bathroom! Role play young school girl and daddy, Impregnating dirty talk.


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